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The Cottonmill and Nunnery Allotment Association (CNAA) was established in 1994 and now supports allotment tenants on the Cottonmill, Nunnery & Sopwell Mill sites in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. 

The allotments are owned by and leased from the St Albans City and District Council and we keep a 'watching eye' on them. We offer services encouraging and helping people to get the most out of their plots, organise frequent events and socials including our popular Annual Summer Show, offer discounts on seeds, suppliers and equipment hire and publish quarterly newsletters. 


We hope you like our website, which is a work in progress so please forgive us if some pages aren't quite complete. We'd love to have your ideas for things you'd like to see on the new site.

The association works closely with its members and the Council to maintain and improve amenities on the allotments. We especially aim to provide a strong and united voice in our dealings with the council.


We are an affiliated member of the Royal Horticultural Society, to find out more about this contact a member of the committee. Click the link to the right to see their website.


CNAA Committee Members


Your committee meets every two months, usually on a Wednesday evening, plus there are additional meetings held relating to the events and organisation. If you have anything you want to raise, see one of the committee members or email us at:


Our AGM is usually held in May each year and all members are encouraged to attend. It is normally held prior to the plant swap.


Current elected committee members are:


Chair:  Keith Reynolds      C 4

Secretary:  Janet Wyatt     C 68A

Treasurer:   Terry Beckett C56

Cottonmill Plot Officer: Margaret Harris

Cottonmill Assistant Plot Officer Paul Littlewood

Nunnery 1 & 2 Site Representative: Jane Ridge N2 12-14

Sopwell Plot Officer and Site Rep: Clare Norman 

Newsletter Editor & Website Admin: Louise Wiseman

Facebook Admin: Michelle Mackenzie C 56


Vacancies - We are currently looking for 

Committee members and volunteers

We are looking to co-opt committee members for general help with the years events and promotions as well as other volunteers from all plots. Your commitment can be as small as helping with the foodbank, or coming along to a working party but would be much appreciated by the current committee.


If you don't want to commit to a formal role but would like to get involved, do still get in touch, as we need people on all the plots to help out the committee!


To view the minutes of recent meetings you will need to log into the members area.



Meet the comittee

Keith Reynolds - Chairman

Cottonmill plot 


Janet Wyatt – Secretary

Cottonmill plot 68a

I took over my allotment in 2013. My son and two of my grandchildren helped to clear what was a very

overgrown and neglected plot with masses of carpet and blue plastic layers. Through renovations in my flat

we've had a large amount of timber available (which could be seen as either free, or expensive if the cost of

my new floors is taken into account). My son and I decided to use this timber to create raised beds and also

substantial frames for beans, a lean-to greenhouse, and a fruit cage cover. We try to be chemical free so do

battle with slugs using barrier methods and slug traps. These don't work, but nor, it seems from talking to

other plot holders, do many of the more aggressive approaches. So we re-plant after an attack. We had

three brilliant sweet corn cobs last year and then the squirrels got a taste for them and took the lot. So we

will net this year and see if we can get more of the produce ourselves. I retired last year and now have

more time to spend at the allotment and hopefully this will mean more productivity and pest control. I may

even manage to sit and admire our hard work this year.




Terry Beckett – Interim Treasurer & Plot Officer: Cottonmill

Cottonmill plot 56

As plot officer I show new potential plot holders round the site for the council, and liaise between the

Cottonmill Site Rep, committee and the council on any matters concerning the site or plots.

Michelle (my daughter), Wendy (my wife) and myself have had our plot for 12 years now. We grow all types

of vegetables, and we have two small apple trees, a cob nut tree and two grape vines that go absolutely

crazy every year but do give us a nice shady spot for our bench by the shed. A couple of years ago I built a

cold frame out of odd bits of wood I had laying around, and this year we built a double compost area out of

old pallets.

We just love the peace and quiet of being at the allotment.



Michelle Mackenzie – Site representative: Cottonmill and Facebook Administrator

Cottonmill plot 56

It was spring 2004 and I'd recently taken redundancy after working for BT in St Albans, Watford and London

for many years. Both my boys were at primary school and I thought it would be a nice idea to have an

allotment. I persuaded my mum and dad to take it on with me (my husband loves the peace and quiet of

the plot but has no interest in digging!) In May '04 we took over the tenancy of our plot.

Twelve years later, I still love being down on my plot. Red, black and white currants are always our best

croppers. Courgettes, beans, pumpkins and tomatoes vary in success year to year. Sweetcorn, if we manage

to keep the squirrels away, is a big favourite with my family. And strawberries. Everyone loves

strawberries! We also always have plenty of rhubarb and horseradish and I have both my grandads to

thank for that. Our original rhubarb crowns and horseradish roots belonged them. They came from their

gardens and these plants must have been going for well over 50 years now!






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