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Update on River Ver proposal

Several Committee members attended the SADC organised meeting on 12th July and discussed these issues and other concerns with representatives of River Ver Project Partners. Dan Flitton has promised a written reply to the CNAA communication and this will be released to members when received. The next 'milestone' in the Project is for the release of the formal outline proposals which we are told will be in the form of a report to be issued later this year (November TBC). These proposals will, according to SADC representatives, take on board issues and concerns raised by CNAA and individuals. CNAA does not expect there to be many opportunities for formally challenging the current draft proposals until this report is available but would urge anyone who wishes to contact SADC or EA with unresolved questions or issues to continue to do so to ensure that the Partners are kept alert to our concerns. The waiting lists for CNAA sites are still closed and CNAA is referring this matter to the National Allotment Society for advice.

It is unlikely that there will be much to update you on until such a time as a reply is received from SADC, or the report is released, but please rest assured we will keep members informed of any progress.

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